Asia is changing. A growing, empowered middle class is disrupting the way governments work, forcing companies to rapidly transform their narrative and strategy.

Only AkarAsia combines world-class knowledge of public policy and government affairs with sophisticated networks in digital and traditional media to create bottom-up, inside-out, cross-cutting solutions that help companies win in Asia.

We read the roots to help you grow.




We want companies to understand Asia better so they can invest, innovate and help Asia evolve. We understand Asia, its people, its media and new media development and technology. We use that knowledge to help our clients develop winning strategies across Asia. We believe that good businesses who are well informed and aligned have the power to transform Asia for the better.






We'll tell you what Asia thinks.

Using our proprietary social media and big data intelligence and analytics platform, we will develop comprehensive reporting which will document and analyze country-specific and/or target audience-specific perceptions of your brand, product, service offering or a specific topic. We will use the data collected to identify three to five distinct personae driving dialogue around and perceptions of your brand. With target personae defined, we will recommend a range of activities to alter or amplify those perceptions.


We’ll show you how Asia’s thinking is changing.

Using the Akar Index, we will track and analyze how perceptions among your most influential target segments, groups and personae are trending and will provide specific recommendations for responding to and affecting these trends.



We’ll turn Asia's perceptions into measurable actions.
Having identified target segments, influencer groups and key personae, we will craft a customized advocacy, engagement and activation plan. These efforts may include:

  • Thought Leadership
    • White and position papers
    • Perspective pieces
    • Dynamic web sitelets (customized to groups, personae and/or individuals)
    • Motion video demos
    • Video, testimonial and documentary
  • Earned Media and Paid Placement
    • By-lined pieces pitched to online and offline media outlets
  • Social Media Campaigns
    • Fostering advocacy and engagement on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap, LinkedIn and other applicable media platforms
  • Retargeting
    • Customized messaging that “follows” members of identified personae
  • Digital Advisory Boards and Advocacy Panels
  • Online Petitioning and Referral Campaigns


Early Warning System for Major Beverage Company

Challenge: A major beverage company gets hit with yet another sudden government regulation in a major South Asian market and wants to get ahead of such developments in the region before they occur.

Solution: AA helps construct an early warning system for the company – a region-wide, real-time, customized audience center for South Asia that can help detect sentiment shifts among key elite and public groups that can influence policy outcomes and avoid triggering government regulations.

Granular Stakeholder Mapping for Energy Giant’s Contract Negotiations

Challenge: An energy giant is facing challenges in contract renewal negotiations with the government in a major Southeast Asian market.

Solution: AkarAsia enhances an energy giant’s stakeholder engagement and messaging in contract renewal negotiations with the government.  By conducting granular stakeholder identification and mapping by providing insights and intelligence on groups and key influencers, including tracking sentiment, we strengthen stakeholder engagement.

Narrative Alignment for Top Consumer Packaged Goods Firm

Challenge: A top consumer packaged goods company is facing licensing renewal difficulties with a Southeast Asian government in a key market.

Solution: AkarAsia helps the company determine key narratives engage and, where necessary, activate stakeholder groups to battle the ongoing license renewal issue and help the company’s engagement.




Ernie's contribution to AkarAsia includes his well-established track record for building successful companies and his relationships across the business, policy and media sectors.  An expert on Asian business, economics and geopolitics, he has created some of the key institutions that drive engagement in Asia, including advisory company BowerGroupAsia, a chair for Southeast Asia Studies at the Center for Strategic & International Studies and the US-ASEAN Business Council.  Ernie honed a penchant for breaking facial bones playing rugby at Colgate University and then refined those rougher instincts studying Chinese at Middlebury College.  His passion for Asia is only surpassed by his love of family.


Chief Executive Officer

Jay has helped some of the biggest brands and organizations in the world develop and implement winning digital campaigns. He has experienced firsthand the transformative power of social media, big (and small) data, uncommon creativity, highly relevant content and enabling technology. He believes that success in Asia’s diverse markets will be enjoyed by those organizations that most nimbly respond to the rapid convergence of culture, policy, economics and technology.

His graduate studies (at NYU’s Stern and Harvard Business School) were concentrated in international business, marketing and e-commerce. He is a proud father of three, lucky husband of Sarah and objectively the finest platform tennis player at AkarAsia.


Vice President, Strategy & Content

Prashanth oversees business strategy and content development for AkarAsia. An ASEAN citizen who grew up in Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines, he has since been reading the roots in Asia for some of the world’s leading media outlets, most recently The Diplomat Magazine. Prashanth has also helped leading think tanks, companies and governments understand the changing media landscape in the region as well as the United States, ensuring they see both the forest and the trees. His education is grounded in the study of the intersection between international business and international relations, and he is currently completing his PhD at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. Prashanth spends much of his free time managing English football teams virtually and branching out (or trying to do so) beyond Indian and Chinese cuisine in the kitchen.


Vice President, Markets & Engagement

Charlie is a government and public affairs practitioner with a strong background working with global companies on a range of sensitive issues in key markets. He leads AkarAsia’s business development and client relations, and will integrate with your team to develop a comprehensive understanding of your needs and objectives. He believes that with the right tools, companies can work together with the people of Asia to shape policies that will Move Asia forward.

Charlie graduated with honors in History and Political Science from the University of Colorado Boulder, where he focused on South Asian history and international relations. He lives in Singapore, but as an avid snowboarder and outdoorsman, feels most at home in the mountains.



AkarAsia works across the IndoPacific region, from India east through South and Southeast Asia, including Australia and New Zealand, and north through East Asia to Japan. We work in the following countries: India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand.


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